This Is Tigers Uncaged

Tigers Uncaged is a collection of 10,005 Tiger NFTs that will allow you to become a member of the Unaged community; with the goal to help you escape society's cage with us in style using the Ethereum blockchain and the endless possibilities of Web3.


The Keys To The Cage

Just hover around


We offer a community that breaks free from modern day society by escaping the 9-5 mentality. Our community promotes innovation with no boundaries where you can share and develop your ideas and passions while leaving the old world behind.


Integrating Web3 technology to build a brand that reflects our community and way of life. Our platform develops individual designs into finished works, and promotes creativity and innovation before all else.


Creating a platform that brings together like minded individuals who want the opportunity to make an impact through our brand. Our community lets you directly contribute to all aspects of the brand as we represent you.


Tigers Uncaged is here to bring brilliant minds together to share the knowledge that made them a success and ensure our community members can set deep roots in the Web3 community. You will have access to people you never dreamt of meeting while sitting behind your desk.

Details Uncaged

Our Message

Screw your 9 to 5, work for your own dream. Work for your own future

What Is Uncaged

Uncaged is a way of life. It is making sure that you reach out, grab the key to your success, break open the cage that has been suppressing you all these years, and go out into the wild and achieve what you dreamt about all these years. Web3 has given us the ability to share the keys with the world and help everyone to Uncage

The Future

Tigers Uncaged is here to help as many people escape the cage that has kept them locked up. The team believes in underpromising and overdelivering. Nothing outside of the roadmap will be given away yet. All that can be said is that Tigers Uncaged will work tirelessly to make the keys to escape as accessible as possible for all those that want to join us on this journey.

The founders pdiddywilson

Tigers Uncaged was founded by three hungry people whose dream was to build something meaningful, and change their close friends and family's lives for the better.

PdiddyWilson: The Engineer, hates desks, might be half ape.

Anubis: The Businessman, loves development and innovation, Hates 9-5, Works all day, so we can party all night.

Hefo: The Accountant, loves soccer, can name 90% of capital cities/countries